Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Murphy's Law in action

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity
with "Murphy's Law" in full force through it all.

You know "Murphy's Law":
"If anything can go wrong...
it will go wrong!"

I've posted about my Mom having cancer,
that in itself is rife with "Murphy's Law" possibilities.
"Murphy's Law" of driving is evident in my recent 
speeding ticket, day in court and briefly mentioned
rain-induced car accident. 
 My daughter in college was given two months to vacate
her apartment which is being torn down for new
apartments giving rise to "Murphy's Law" of moving.
I assume it was "Murphy's Law" of employment
when we were given notice that our satellite office
(3 miles from my home) would be closed and
we would relocate to the corporate office.
All of which, in one way or another, have lead
to "Murphy's Law" of education. I've decided
to go back to school. You guessed it!
Everything that could go wrong...has gone wrong.
I'm determined to be sitting in class on July 7th
but the universe seems to have conspired to keep
me out of that seat; childhood immunizations,
transcripts, money, social security cards,
birth certificates, prerequisites,
travel time, schedules, parking passes, student id's,
physicals, doubts, age.

Sorry universe, Murphy and his law can't keep me down...
I'll be there on July 7th!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here Come the Judge

My Day in court was very interesting to say the least.
I was totally awed by the magnitude of people
with traffic citations and the orderly speed with
which they were handled that morning. 
Most of them were minor;
registration, insurance, tail-lights out, etc. etc.
and each took a matter of seconds with
1 of the six D.A.'s present.
I intended to request "prayer for judgement"
on my 21 MPH over the limit speeding ticket and
had to appear before the judge.
I calmly waited, with my definitive goal in mind.
Then came the judge. My name was called.
I confidently strode to the front.
Within minutes the judge had asked several questions
that immediately made me doubt my intentions.
"Do you have a Lawyer? Are you a Lawyer?
Who advised you to seek Prayer for Judgment?
Prayer for Judgement is not typically given for
this magnitude of offense.
Do you realize your license may be revoked today
if I do not agree, once I hear your reason for speeding?
Do you wish to continue without counsel?
How do you plea?"

Ok! Backbone a little less rigid now but I plead,
"Guilty with prayer for judgement"
I explain my mother's condition and the weekly
travel from Raleigh to Columbia, the intent to keep
all the balls in the air by spending less
 time than necessary in the car...aka speeding.

I'm sent back to my seat to await my fate.

My mind is whirling now:
He won't revoke your license, that's unusually harsh!
What if he does, how will I get home?
Well, I didn't really give him much choice,
he'll have to grant me prayer or he is 
the meanest judge in the universe.
Prayer for judgement?!?! He thinks I'm either 
the stupidest defendant ever
or the smartest! The worst that will happen
is 4 points on my license and I'll pay through the nose.

Back to the front.
"Your case is stayed. Pay the court cost of $130.00."

Woohoo! Yipppeee!
I'm a free woman again!
Hello cruise control!
Where have you been all my life?

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've known for a few months that my mom is dying of lung cancer. She is a 4 hour drive from me.
I've been hitting the roads quite a bit lately...
and again tomorrow.
So far I've racked up a speeding ticket valued at 4
license points and quite a spin through the median 
courtesy of a rain-flooded road. 
Tomorrow morning I will stand before a judge
an hour from home begging a prayer for judgement
against me. It is my first ticketed offense
in 29 years of driving I think that should count
for something.
I left my Mother, or I should say, my mother
left me, 30 years ago after several
years of alcoholism and abuse.
Everything changed 4 months
ago with the word "cancer".
It has been bitter-sweet to say the least.
I've learned to forgive, and accept.
She has learned to
love, and grow.
As this crazy journey comes toward it's end
I want to ask you all to
please keep us in your prayers.
Ask for strength, patience and guidance on our behalf.