Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Ode to Thanksgiving!

T'was the morn of Thanksgiving
and all through the house,
Mother is dusting
and shoo-ing her spouse;

The table is set for the family with care,
in hopes that the in-laws soon will be there;

The (grown) children are hustling in their kitchens with dread,
"Oh, why didn't I prepare my dish a day ahead?"

As Dad with a blanket and the dog with a yap
are just settling down for a late morning nap,
out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter
they spring from their slumber to see what's the matter;

Away to the stairs Dad flies like a flash,
turns on the light and runs down in a dash;

The self-rising flour covers the kitchen like snow,
giving a dusting of white to all objects below.
When, what to Dad's wondering eyes should appear?
But Mother dressed in flour from left to right ear;

With a broom and a mop she cleans it up quick,
knowing there are more Thanksgiving dishes to fix;

More rapid than children with candy to claim,
she whistles and shouts and gets on with the game;

Now Turkey, now Ham, now Potatoes and Fixings!
On Pudding, on Dressing, on Green Beans and Mixing!

To the top of the stove and the oven rack she calls,
Cook away! Bake away! Brown away all!

As the Butterball turkey in hot oil does fry,
Mother whips up the Thanksgiving pie;

So back to the recliner Dad and dog flew,
With blanket, remote and TV Guide too.
Sparks flying from the satelite dish on the roof,
football teams are vying, their winning the proof;

Mom takes a short break, turning around,
She sees the team quarterback thrown to the ground.
Dressed in team colors from his head to his foot,
the medic claims his game-playing today is caput!

Back to the meal, Mother's on the attack,
She moves casserole dish from front rack to back;

Her eyes all a'twinkle, her dimples how merry!
Her cheeks red as roses, and her nose like a cherry!

The Thanksgiving meal is tied up with a bow,
As all is ready, all the ducks in a row!

A faint knock at the door soon is bequeath
The in-laws arrive, bestowing a wreath.
MaMa brings jars of strawberry jelly,
PaPa makes his way to the front of the telli;

Then who should arrive but the daughters themself,
As Mother tells tale of flour missing the shelf;

The coffee is set on for a perk,
 Mother brings an end to her holiday work,
Beverages, favorites and seating arrangements are chose,
the Thanksgiving blessing left for PaPa to compose;

We give thanks for our family, all hope and great love,
every gift given from the Father above.

And Mother exclaims as Thanksgiving's end is in sight,
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
To all a good night!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Adventures in Decking

Ze deck addition is fini!

The grass seed is sown and grown.

Pathways are made,

and bushes are planted.

Family has visited,

and Dena is delighted!

Thanks hubby! :)