Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Before and After: Fireplace Remodel

We are making some progress on old "not-quite" finished projects and moving forward on new ones.
The fireplace in the family room had not progressed past the mantle top we added over a year ago...
until last weekend. Hubby did all of the measuring, planning and woodwork single-handedly and I am in charge of paint. This was definately one of those, "why didn't we do it sooner?" re-do's. We love the way it looks now!

Fireplace before:

Fireplace after:

and a few photos taken along the way:

Now, how to cover/hide those pesky cords?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Organizing the shed...er, that's what I'm calling it

Ok, to avoid embarrassment about the mess in the shed before, I didn't take any before photos.
This was actually our second attempt at organizing the shed. The first time we added a few shelves along one wall. Well, they quickly filled up and the crazy-huge workbench took up 2/3 of the remaining space. It had gotten to the point that things were stacked on the floor with just enough area to open and close the door. And worst of all, there were gaps around the ceiling and the animals were making themselves at home in there. Now, if they had been the cute, little, singing animals aka: the Snow White variety, we would have gotten along fine. But alas these were the wild-eyed, nest-building, how dare you invade my space variety!


etsy shop leftovers

In case you missed the bloody head...
After my husband insured that I suffered a level-3 heart attack for his personal enjoyment, I decided the head needed to stay on prominent display to avoid future "scare tactics"!
Anyway, I have the rubber head for Halloween when it is set in a wheel-barrow of dirt with a shovel and bones by the front door. Maybe, a little too scary?!?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Potting bench from an old door

The Potting Bench Project!

This old solid wood door was in the shed when we moved in and just became a place to pile tools, yard games, etc to overflowing. Not practical or useful when you need something from the bottom of the pile.

the door inside the shed
Hubby and I carried the door and bench legs out to the side of the shed where there is a roof and lattice walls and transferred all of the gardening paraphernalia out with it.

the legs and lower shelf

pots, pots, pots

gardening joy

Now we have two useful and practical spaces, each with it's own purpose.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making progress

Hello ya'll,
I'm taking a brief reprieve from my latest addiction...pinterest
for this short home improvement update:
Hubby and I have been busily moving forward on our fireplace mantel and surround project, organizing the shed storage with shelves and creating a potting bench area
for me to use this spring.
These projects are all coming along but need a few minor touches for
completion and their ready for "prime-time" photo-op.

In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the inspiration I'm using for future projects in the dining room, entry and mini-mudroom.

Today I'm sharing my mudroom inspiration and plans.
With a few tweeks to the inspiration photo I've made a design for our needs in a small space behind the front door and next to the garage door. I'm planning for two upper shelves, one for family photos and decor, the other for storage baskets to hold umbrellas, mail, keys, etc. And one lower shelf for bags, laptop, etc and shoe storage below. And finally a hook rack area between, for hanging items. All painted white and backed with beadboard. Of course, this will lead to more beadboard as a wainscote in the remaining entry area. I'm ready to go, and can't wait to share the finished space with you here.

The Current Space
The Mudroom:

The Inspiration

As you can see, "mini" is the operative word here but the organizational space is needed due to the lack of a coat closet in this area. Most of the time our bags and coats end up on the floor, the stairs, or worse....the kitchen island and stools.

Happy Homemaking Ya'll!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

While you were away...

I have been absent from blogging for a looong time but I have kept up on as many "home projects" as time and finances would allow.
 That is my personal joy after all!

A few projects from 2011:

I've painted the front door red.
The door was a classy black but I'm loving the spicey red!

I Painted this old dark pine bed:

It's still too big for this small room but the white has really lightened-up the space.

I've added a wall of Ikea shelves in the loft for my ever-growing book collection. Looks like I need to buy some more books, hubby!!!

We spruced up the laundry room:

We added the cabinets and moved the washer/dryer from the back wall to the side wall. Now it is more like a galley-style rather than walking straight in to the appliances. The room has a much more spacious appearance and I love having the cabinets.

And...last, but far from least, we created a new flower bed in the front yard: (photos to come on a future post)

Looking ahead (I always have an idea brewing!)

A few projects for 2012:

I have two "must-do" projects but many more are percolating in that head of mine.
    1) A Dining Room re-do with board and batten wainscoting and new paint. I'm  feeling closed in with the dark terracotta and want to lighten up with white wainscote and trim. I haven't chosen a new wall color yet but thinking about butter. LOL, maybe coffee, cherries, blueberries or even pickles? What do you think?!?!?
    2) Adding a Mini Mudroom between the garage and front entry doors. Can you believe, our house doesn't have a coat closet? I use the wall behind the door to hang keys and umbrellas with a basket to stash mail so why not go ahead and add bead-board, shelves, baskets and a peg rack? Granted, it will be a very, "mini" mudroom, but it will add some architechture and purpose to that area.

More posts on these project ideas as they progress.

One goal for 2012 is learning to knit and do some cross-stitching. (when I'm not working, sawing, nailing, planting or painting, LOL!) I bought a knitting loom kit to learn on, and a few iron-on cross stitch patterns to try.  I need to be able to knit those baby booties and blankets, one day...sigh.

And finally, I'm dreaming about getting an embroidery machine, not sure if this one will come true this year or not but happiness is having something to do, someone to love and something to hope for! :)

Happy 2012 Ya'll!