Thursday, January 26, 2012

Organizing the, that's what I'm calling it

Ok, to avoid embarrassment about the mess in the shed before, I didn't take any before photos.
This was actually our second attempt at organizing the shed. The first time we added a few shelves along one wall. Well, they quickly filled up and the crazy-huge workbench took up 2/3 of the remaining space. It had gotten to the point that things were stacked on the floor with just enough area to open and close the door. And worst of all, there were gaps around the ceiling and the animals were making themselves at home in there. Now, if they had been the cute, little, singing animals aka: the Snow White variety, we would have gotten along fine. But alas these were the wild-eyed, nest-building, how dare you invade my space variety!


etsy shop leftovers

In case you missed the bloody head...
After my husband insured that I suffered a level-3 heart attack for his personal enjoyment, I decided the head needed to stay on prominent display to avoid future "scare tactics"!
Anyway, I have the rubber head for Halloween when it is set in a wheel-barrow of dirt with a shovel and bones by the front door. Maybe, a little too scary?!?!

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