Friday, August 20, 2010

Boo to you!

I know.
It's too early.
 But I've being seeing some cute
Halloween items in the stores already!
It got me thinking about some new crafty
ideas I'll share here soon.
In the meantime...

I had theses 2 BOOOties
in my stash of crafty-ness from
last year and wanted to blow the
cobwebs off and see if I got any bites!
Too corny?? (candy variety of course)
The mummy glass comes with a recipe for
mixing up a
"Corpse Reviver"

A "Bloody Brew" drink recipe comes
with the painted vampire glass.

I'm selling these for $7 each or the set for $12.50
to the first interested spooky respondent.


  1. OH NO!!! Guess we are all looking foward to Fall or even Christmas---it is funny how we do this!

  2. Gosh, That time is just around the corner! Very fun martini glasses. Gives me lots of inspiration.