Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm a User!

That's right! I admit it! I'm using you!
I'm using you to keep me on task! I need help! Major help! Maybe even an intervention!
My addiction is...
Is there even a cure for this? I'm thinking, NOT!
So I'm using you as my conscience to get the job done.
I can't very well tell you I'm going to do something
and then not do it, can I?

Yeah, I know, I'm not beholden to you and could back-out. But...eventually my conscience would
get to me on principle, right?

So here is the thing!
The great big, stare me in the face thing,
that has been in this state for...dare I even admit it...
 5 months!

Now that you have assessed the situation,
you agree with me, right?
Help is neccessary to cure my ills!
So I can count on you then...for my intervention?

Awesome! I knew you were the right person(s) to ask!


  1. Well If I am supposed to hold you accountable I need to know if you are painting the stairs or sanding them to make them wood. Can't really tell from the picture. And how long are you giving yourself? Much bloggy love from a fellow procrastinator.

  2. Been there! Seems like all it takes for me to get motivated is having someone from out of town come and visit. Then all of a sudden, every project has an immediate urgency.

  3. I agree...we need to know what you are doing with them. Here's the deal, you have to get this done. You never know who might come to visit and this looks strange. Your house is much too pretty to have this going on. (Was that forceful enough...I'm a mom, I nag well). In all honesty, I'd make my husband do it!