Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stairs Update

I love it!
Sue, Someone's Mom at I Need Mom has volunteered to "Mom" me through my stair procrastination with humor!
Kelly at Make it Sparkly Mama will hold me accountable
and Red Door Home recommends out of town
visitors to get me moving!
Thank you all so much! 
Your comments are just what I needed!

My goal is one month:
starting Sat Feb 27th 
completed by Sat Mar 27th
We removed the carpet and discovered gobs of carpet glue and lots of holes and gauges.

So the order of business is:
 scraping and patching
followed by sanding, painting and staining.
The plan is to paint the risers white and stain the treads a medium oak to match the floors.
The spindles, rails and base boards will get a
fresh coat of paint also.
OK! Let's do this thing!


  1. Yes, let's do this thing, Dena! I want to do the same thing and I need pics to show hubby, and you're kind of holding me up on that front. ; )

  2. and I am hear to tell you with much support.. YOU CAN DO IT! I BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU will get it done by your goal date! ;) JGG

  3. Go Dena! Go Dena! You can do it!

    I love the out of town guest idea. OR you could plan a party. That always gets me to finish projects!

    Good luck!

  4. You go girl! I always plan a party when I want to get a project done!

  5. I will be on the cheer leading squad! You can do it!!!

  6. I suggest a weekly goal list. Make sure you have certain steps done by a set day of each week and then treat yourselves to a Starbucks, a pizza a movie...whatever you like each week WHEN you meet your goal.

    I thought you had painted the spindles and baseboards...and had gotten all that paint on the stairs. Glad to know it was under the carpet!