Tuesday, July 20, 2010


(Turn and face the strain)
Time may change me
But I can't trace time...

I've been trying to keep myself occupied this past
week and have jumped from room to room
as an idea strikes me.
I wanted to share a few things I've changed
and some things that just add beauty to the world...
To me, in my world, anyway.

I replaced this wreath...

with this one.

This wall decal came from Dollar Tree
and is perfect above this "family" photo board.
(Family. A gift that lasts forever.)

I moved the living room furniture around a bit.
This armoire moved...

to this corner

And this took it's place

These chairs went from red with southwest fabric
(no before photo)
to this lime green....

and this turquoise check fabric, perfect for
Becca's new apartment!

This pink and orange teen room

Has become a yellow and red
guest/craft room

Onward my friend!

Strange fascination, fascinating me.
Ah changes are taking the pace I'm going through.
                                                               David Bowie


  1. You have been busy, Dena! Your craft/guest room looks wonderful from what I can see. Sometimes I think we need to make some little changes like this. Keeps us out of those ruts!

  2. oh my sister...you keep on a goin
    it looks beautiful
    been thinking about you...hope you are smiling
    and feeling the warm sun on your face

  3. 當最困難的時候,也就是離成功不遠的時候。..................................................