Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Further proof of "The Law"

Murphy's, that is...
OK, so I'm a magazine Circulation Manager.
(not a fun career nor recommended to anyone)
Today our latest issue of Triangle East was to arrive!
So of course in my zealous effort to deliver as many magazines as humanly possible...
an entire pallet had been ordered (by me)
and delivered. (3,000 copies)
Is our office equiped with a loading dock
for said pallet? No.
Did the deliverer of said pallet offer
assistance above his "assigned" duty to
deliver outside the door? No.
OK, undaunted super-woman that I am...
I pull out my little roll cart and begin unloading the
pallet, box by box, in 4" heels, dress attire
and jewelry no less,
with full sun exposure and 100 degree temps
at the height of the day.
OK, a little dewey (aka sweaty) and red-faced,
still undaunted I decide to take a break from the heat.
2 second break and a Dena to Dena conversation
"just get it over with you're already sweating in
your nice clothes anyway!"
I head back outside and load boxes into the
company car to proudly deliver around town tomorrow.
Down to the last 3 boxes of 29, loaded on the roll cart
I head for the office door...
the knob is not turning, try again, try again,
try again...Yep! Definately locked!
In the interim, my co-worker had left for a meeting and
I'm the lone occupant of the office for the afternoon.
The only thing I have in hand is the key to the
company car. Well, I can ask someone to contact
the landlord to let me in (the landlord with the
completely mesmerizing blue-eyed stare...
how embarrassing!?!)
 I knock on the next office door,
no answer, I decide to take the elevator and
try my luck upstairs.
I step off the elevator overlooking the parking lot
and lo and behold, from the time I stepped on the
elevator to the time I stepped off, another co-
worker's car has arrived in the parking lot!
I head back down, turn the knob and I'm in baby!

I'm thinking there are two forces at work here.
Murphy's law, undeniably, and
devine-intervention, possibly,
depending on your half-full,
half-empty take on life
bad-luck vs. good luck...

What do you think?
Blessing or curse??



  1. I'm still laughing....does that help? ;-)

  2. I would have hopped in the company car and gone home!

  3. I am with Kathy! I would have just headed to the house! lol

    Lou Cinda :)

    PS You deserve a BONUS!!

  4. Believe me, my first thought was to call it a day, jump in the company car and go home but my house keys, cell phone and purse were all locked in the office!!! I'm telling you, if it weren't for bad luck....I'd have no luck at all!

  5. I'm the wrong person to ask as my whole week was a bit like your day. I wrote about it today if you want to feel "less alone"!

  6. 人生是一連串的課程,必須活過才能明白。.......................................................

  7. Oh good grief! I think the moment I broke a sweat I would have looked like a three year old having a tantrum (yes, I know more work). My plan B would have been to sit IN the company car with the a/c full blast ~ that'll show them ;0)
    I'm so sorry you had a rough day!