Monday, July 26, 2010

The color of my mood today

I wish I were in a a Mary Engelbreit, life is good,
chair full of bowlies, bloggity blog blog life mood, 
but right now my mood is this....

I'm praying I'll be out of  my mood by the time
the polish chips off!


  1. Dena, hope you find a way out of the funk you are in. I have found that if I put on something bright, my mood brightens, too!

  2. Been there! I'm just starting to come out of mine. I'm pretty sure I know the reasons, too, but that doesn't make it go away any faster. Hang in there, Dena!

  3. actually my dear dena your nails look quite nice
    and sweet one give yourself a still go ahead...feel miserable
    I'm thinking good thoughts your way...