Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beef up your windows & I'm featured!

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Now back to today's post:

Where's the beef?
That's what I asked when we bought our new house.
Where's the architectural detail?
Don't get me wrong, I love the house,
but there was nothing striking about it. 
We bought it for the space, lay-out and location.
We had spent many years working on our first house and I was a little dis-enchanted, to say the least, with a house that had not been changed since it was built.
We lived here for awhile and I thought about the
things that bothered me.
Top of the list:
It lacked warmth and coziness the 2 "must haves"!
We are still working to achieve the warmth and coziness we desire, but we have made progress.
One of the very first things we did was beef up the windows with simple stock trim and paint.

This is what the window trim looked like when we moved in...pretty standard and boring.

Here they are now. More substantial.
To me, they have a Williamsburg look to them.

We built up the tops of the frames with a flat 1 x 3 and small brick molding mitered around the top and sides.

Do you see me taking this picture in the
window reflection? Oops!

Have a  happy day ya'll!


  1. This is very nice
    and you are right
    newer homes...unless custom
    are boring in details

  2. Ha! You're so cute ~ yes, I see you in the reflection! I love beefy molding, too. Imagine the newer houses that have NO molding whatsoever around their windows. Yes, I have worked with clients that have this and I hate the look personally. I'd rather the non-beefy molding to no molding at all.

  3. Love how this looks. A simple way to add character to a window.

  4. What a great idea. We have one of those house that have no moldings at all, just rounded corners. I would love to add some gorgeous moldings like yours. They are just lovely. Hugs, Marty

  5. So pretty! I love architectural details. They are so hard to find on newer homes! It looks great!


  6. Wow Dena! Your windows are just beautiful! I don't even have trim around my windows, other than the sill. Can you believe that?! Our house was built in 2006 and while it has many neat architectural features, like niches, we have no trim. I really must learn to use a miter saw and try this out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love the moldings of my old Dutch Colonial..., I think you can call them beefy. It makes such a difference -great job!!

  8. I agree, it warmed up the room. Lovely.


  9. What great detail. Adds to the room tremendously.
    Living it up at Lakewood,