Saturday, January 2, 2010

One room down

We spent the day taking down the Christmas trees and decorations. My living room is back to it's everyday style. I miss the lights and sparkle but I'm always relieved to have the space back.

Welcome home!

I made a little make-shift desk for blogging.
I'm sitting here as I type this!

We still need to replace the trim work we removed when installing the wood floors

I just love my cozy little room!

I got my daughters and I each a scrap-book kit
cookbook for Christmas.
Theirs also included several family recipes handed down from great grandmother, grandmother and mother.
I can't wait for us to get together and work on them!

Happy Sunday Ya'll!


  1. Your house is gorgeous..I can't wait to get in my house but I just might put my decorations back :)

  2. Your colors so soothing yet exciting
    I can feel the stillness in the room
    it needs a rest too doesn't it
    Now to get to my decorations
    Just beautiful!..your home

  3. Your home looks so warm and inviting! I know what you mean about getting your space back. I've packed up all but one tree, the lights are are now but I think it will be down tomorrow. Have to figure out something to add those litle lights back in. Love your blogging area.

  4. Your home looks beautiful! We took down Christmas today and it feels so clean! I like your little blogging area!


  5. You've done what I need to do. I'll get to it yet! ;-)



  6. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love your little blogging desk and the sofa with the flowered print and the plaid is so pretty. It's nice to meet you.

  7. Everything is so pretty. You have a lovely home


  8. Your house is so cozy looking! I love it! I rent right now and limited on what I can do which really means--No Can Do Anything! But, I love getting inspired just in case I do have a house soon! I finally finished taking down and putting away my decorations today. The house is back to normal, to speak-LOL!

  9. I love your beautiful cozy home. Makes me want to get busy and get my home back to normal. Love, Joy