Thursday, January 7, 2010

Did someone say snow?

They are once again calling for snow in NC!
I'm not getting my hopes up this time...
but I would be lying to say I would be anything
short of thrilled to see a blanket of white
when I wake in the morning!

Not that this is any indication of snow in NC, just that they are "forcasting" snow,
but... they have already assigned a 2 hour delay for
school tomorrow without the first flake falling!
Yeah I know, we North Carolinians have 
already been labeled, "Snow Wimps!"
Personally, I think it's just the thought of tragically
missing a chance to play in the snow, no matter how
minscule the possibility! Wait, that could just be me reflecting my thoughts on others, LOL!

Anyway! After much ado about nothing...I'm
sharing photos of the last time it snowed here.
For those of you already living with snow, bear with me as I torture you with more!

We lived in Colorado Springs, CO for 2 years...I'm happy to say, it wasn't long enough to spoil the "magic!"
Happy Friday Ya'll, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great pictures, Dena! We are supposed to get flurries overnight and tomorrow morning, but the last time they said "flurries" we had a snow storm!

  2. Love the pics! You should visit my blog and see our snow :)

  3. I wish I lived somewhere that snow sounded fun. We got it today, and while it isn't that much snow (just a few inches) the winds have picked up and schools are closed again tomorrow. It is pretty...but, it can go away now.


  4. My son is so excited, he's expecting to wake up to lots of snow and no school. I hope not because I have 2 appointments tomorrow and I don't drive in the snow ! My pup loves it though....

  5. It's beautiful! We never get enough here.

  6. Oh it is beautiful especially in the morning
    ans oh so quiet to walk in
    driving...another thing
    But I just noticed your striped sparrows!
    That's where they go when they leave me!
    I just love those gorgeous
    Your dog has the spirit of it..
    Hope it snows big for you

  7. How cool. I use to read that magazine. If I'm not mistaken, I still have a copy from probably 8 or so years back with a lady that had apple green/red Christmas decor, and I kept it for inspiration. I use to live off of Old Stage Rd., and still have friends in that area. I'd cut through Vandora Springs to get to Target. Miss that Target. It had better deals than the one here. Also miss White Oak. I'll never forget my oldest and I drove through there one day, and a kid was murdered off of the Vandora Springs Rd. while we were @ Target. They found him dead in the grass walking from his mom's to his dad's, and thought a truck mirror or something might have hit & killed him. Last I heard, they never found his murderer. Have you heard anything about that? I use to go to Things of Joy in Shoppes on Main, but I guess she's moved to Broad St. now. Does the Johnson guy still run it? I went to high school with his brother, Tim.

  8. BTW, do you follow Lynnette's L.A.M., or Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound or Judy @ IMAGINE? All Raleigh bloggers.

  9. Great shots, Dena! I loved seeing these...


    Sheila :-)

  10. Inquiring minds want to know. Did it snow?