Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hat boxes

I have a thing for hat boxes. I don't think they are
as popular as they once were. You can still get them fairly easily though and they are so pretty to store things in.
Lang used to have the prettiest sets. I longed for them all in every style!

Anyway, I bought 3 sets of inexpensive paper boxes this past fall with the plan to remake them. I started working on one set and have a few photos below.
It is still missing something. I'll think on it and post the re-do of the re-do when the perfect idea strikes!



Any ideas? Just needs a little something extra special!

And then I made this for dinner...deeelicious!

Have an awesome day ya'll!


  1. Love the gorgeous hat boxes. You did a wonderful job. I think they are perfect. Hugs, Marty

  2. mmmm that chili looks good! wish i was there to eat it!

  3. you have certainly updated them with pale colors not limiting them to fall. I like them

    Yum when should I be there?
    Oh that looks good...I just had a bowl of cereal for dinner...rush rush

  4. the boxes look darling, and they add extra storage space, a great extra source! Good job!

  5. Hi Dena! Cute boxes!!

    I was at Hobby Lobby when they had their Christmas 90% off and bought a huge hat box -- got it for .40!! I still haven't figured out what to do with it. I think I might decoupage it?

    And yummy dinner - much better than what we had tonight :)


  6. PS - I meant to put your lollipops in my friday favorites last week, totally spaced it. Can I put them in this weeks??


  7. I like your re-do! They are a great way to store things. Keep up the cute ideas!

  8. Hello Dena, I bet you think I have forgotten you Dena. Not so. I have been totally wrapped up in the season, out of Town for Christmas for a week, then five days in Atlanta. Whew! I have had my cousin Bob here for almost two weeks. Since he does not do computers I feel guilty if I use the computer for more than a few minutes a day. sigh.

    I love your hat boxes Dena. I have alway loved them too. They are fun to decorate. They are
    romantic and speak of olden days.

    I scrolled down to see the paint job on the trim. A very good look. The drapes look great with the white trim as well.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. Love those hat boxes!

    And now I'm hungry for chili at 10:30 pm. THANKS! hahaha

  10. Aloha Dena,
    I'm a hat box lover too! and dinner looks amazing
    I'd say that was a successful day;)

  11. Dinner looks great. How about some ribbon and a bow with some silk flowers on top of the hatbox?