Monday, May 10, 2010

Totally Tute-ular Tuesday-Design Board

Ok, I'm certainly not saying that I'm qualified
to do a tutorial on making a design board.
However, I am saying that I made a
design board and this is how I did it!
I have company coming and decided
the guest room is in need of some
refreshment. My inspiration piece is the
April Cornell throw shown here...

and here.

I'm planning to pull the greens, yellows and
blues of the throw into the room with
projects and accessories.
I chose 2 decorative papers
that contain the same 3 colors
to do a craft project for the room.

I like to mix patterns, if you
stay within the same 3 colors but vary the
size and intensity of the pattern choices
you can usually achieve harmony rather
than a clash. In the end though, beauty is in the
eye of the beholder so use your own judgement.

I'll be carrying this piece of ribbon with me to
color match the paint and accessories.

I'm also going to incorporate these old curtains
into the room via a sewing project.

This is it, the design board I've put together for the room.

I have some pieces in place, the walls
are apple green and the bedding is
reversible from yellow to green.
There are also other elements in the room
that will stay, but I have a full list of
"to-do's"  before company arrives.
I hope you'll follow along on my project posts 
leading to the final reveal!


  1. It looks great...You're off to a fantastic start Can't wait to see the final results..I'm sure it will be stunning!!

  2. Ooooo ... I'm gaga for the fabrics and colors you've selected. Can't wait to see the process and results!!! So lovely!!!

  3. Love this!! Can't wait to see the final result!
    Just noticed your etsy shop and will stop by and take a look--love fabulous new etsy finds!!:)

  4. Well, I love the colors...and can't wait to see it all come together.

  5. I love the colors you used. I love fabrics....Be blessed. Cindy

  6. Ohhh what pretty choices ~ AND I see poppies! Gotta love those poppies ;)