Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's Yours?

Alama Mater, that is?

I've been working on some new
things for my little shop/side-biz.
Being in the heart of NC, having two college
educated daughters and my fair share
of college logo-ed s.t.u.f.f.,
I know college logo-ed gifts
are "in demand"!
I wanted to try my hand at
creating something new to meet
the demand and hopefully
give my craft business a boost as well.
I like the way they turned out
but of course the real test is,
will people buy them?

I made this...

 from this

and also these three

this one in the works

And three more on the drawing board.

Wish me luck! I'm trying so hard
to get this craft business off the ground.
It has not been easy lately with so
much "life" and work to contend with as well. 
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  1. Hello Dena...Wow! You are very artistic. I'm sure students and friends and family of students will LOVE the new art works! Good luck with the crafts business. I admire you for giving it the old "college try!" Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say, right? The best to you. Sincerely, Susan

  2. I think they are wonderful!, I have an online store and have had my worst months in May, June,July. People are so busy that you will even see sales down in retail stores. So, don't judge your success until the fall . Hang in there, because I think they are unique! I bet they would be successful as wall art also. If you get at chance take a look at my metamorphosis Monday Thank You Carol

  3. I think they're great! I wish you the best in your endeavor.

  4. What fun!! It looks fun to make these!

  5. 成功不是一個海港,而是一次埋伏許多危險的旅程。 ..................................................

  6. Well I am glad that at least one Dena is artistic ;) Those are absolutely adorable!!