Sunday, May 2, 2010

Met Monday-Cricut vinyl project

I'm still new to the cricut "vinyl" projects
and decided to try something simple.
I love that the cricut will cut paper ,vinyl
and fabric. I've had a ton of fun coming up
with creative ways to use paper
and thinking of new projects to try!
  It looks like vinyl will be just as fun, and
fabric promises the same!

I love the way they turned out,
so I'm searching for something
else to "vinyl-ize".

I have one suggestion to pass along if you
haven't tried using the vinyl yet:
Transfer paper!
I have also been told that contac
paper will serve the same
purpose for a lot less money.
Happy Monday Ya'll!
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  1. How neat is that! I have wanted a cricut for so long, but can't seem to justify the cost. The cricut expression is on sale at Wally World this week for $299.00(Cdn.$)...a girl can dream.

  2. Love the Frenchiness you created. Great ide! Linda

  3. Looks great! Dropping by from BNOTP.


  4. That's so cute ! I've been thinking about getting one. Do you love it ?

  5. I haven't use the vinyl on my Cricut yet. I have some but am a little nervous. Thanks for the inspiration to go ahead.

  6. The graphics really make them so much more special! Love it.

  7. Dena, I'm so jealous that you have a Cricut! Your project turned out great.
    Thanks for the nice comment on My Favorite Outdoor Space post!

  8. I just bought a Cricut and I have not used it. I hope I can create things like this. They are gorgeous....Christine

  9. Hi Dena, love how your flour/sugar containers turned out. I've got a Cricut but don't use it much. Great idea using contact paper on it to reduce the cost of their vinyl. I don't understand what the transfer paper is for, though?
    I'm visiting thru MM today~

  10. Fabulous job! Visiting from Met Monday and a happy new follower!


  11. Cricut, I want I need you in my life!!! You make it look so great!

  12. I'd never heard of the gadget until all do such cool things with it! Love your jars.


  13. This is a great idea and I already have the same jars in my kitchen. I can't justify the cost either got to come up with a different way. How about decals? I know just the web shop. Thanks again.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  14. I just bought new vinyl, but am having a hard time deciding what to make first!! LOL These are great. Maybe I'll do mine...