Thursday, April 29, 2010

K&C Friday-Cabinet Tops

It's Kit and Caboodle Friday,
anything goes!

I wish I had something more
exciting than cabinet tops for the
last day of the work-week.
Unfortunately, I've had so
many other things to do today and
the cabinets just happen to be a spot in
the house that is semi-camera
worthy without additional tweaking!

I haven't posted about my cabinet re-do yet.
They were medium oak, I used a wipe-on wipe-off
technique with black paint and added a new coat
of polyurethane.

Oops, I think the tray must have scraped the wall.

No, I didn't drink that all at one time!
It has taken many, many, many years...
ok, maybe two-three years.

The largest colander ever made!
It came in a set of 4. I couldn't resist
the red but unless I'll be feeding the Navy,
it will stay in this corner.

"In a house which loves you, all things are possible."

Another shot of the "new" cabinets.

The dreadful popcorn ceilings, horrid be thy name!

Ok, That's good 'nuf.
I think I can live with this
arrangement a little while longer!


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  1. Nice work on your cabinet tops and your paint technique on the wood...mine go all the way up to the ceiling so I have no decorating room which is probably good. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your cabinets look great...both the finish and the arrangements on top. I don't have any open area above my cabinets...if I did I probably would never change anything or ever clean up there. I'm short and if I can't see doesn't exist!!! Alas, my eyes are going so there's a lot of dirt that doesn't exist in my house!!!

  3. Hi Dena! Love the looks of the tops of your cabinets! I wish I had some tops! Boo Hoo, I don't. Love how you washed your cabinets in black too! I adore your little rabbit up there!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Love your apothecary jar filled with corks, Dena! I have a bloggy friend sending me some for my own jar and hope to make a nice little vignette by our pitiful selection of wine. Your cabinet update sounds interesting. I hope you'll post about it soon. I'd love to see another option to painting my oak cabinets white.

  5. Your cabinets look great. I have actually been saving my wine corks so that I can fill a glass jar. I think I have 6 corks, so I have a way to go.
    Thanks for the post:-)

  6. I love the cabinets, and the big basket. I have one exactly like it. I bought it in New York while I lived there.

    The glass jar filled with corks...too cute!

  7. Looks great! The red colander really pops.

  8. I enjoyed this and love the red collander. I would use that big gal!! Love the crow. And I like how you have displayed the corks. I still save mine , but don't know what I will do with them yet!

  9. Love the corks! I need to redo my cabinet top. The only thing I have up there that I'm not tired of is the clear Christmas lights to light up everything with a soft glow.

  10. Oh I love your cabinets and their new treatment, and your vignettes on the top are gorgeous. I think cabinets are so hard to arrange displays that are really eye catching and pretty. You've done a wonderful job. I love the look. Thanks so much for joining the party. Everything is beautiful. Hugs, Marty