Sunday, April 18, 2010

Craft Room Re-Do

My craft room had gotten so out of control
with piles and bags of stuff everywhere.
I could hardly tell what I had
much less be creative with it.
I didn't take before pictures. LOL!
Honestly, I jumped right in and didn't
think about it but I'm not certain that
I would have shared! ;)

It is still a work in progress.
I had the table in between the two
bookcases on the wall to the right.
I moved the table under the window
and pushed the bookcases together.
It seems to look more open this way.

Now what to do with the rest???
Sharing this at BNOTP for Met Monday


  1. The more we craft, the more supplies we collect. It's hard keeping it all organized, but you did well with your craft room. I like the bookshelves pushed together.


  2. Good job! I don't have the fortitude to sort it all out, so I just make sure that it's at least all in the same room :)

  3. I think I love collecting crafting supplies and organizing it all as much as I do crafting!!! LOL So it is not just you! LOL I think you should go out and buy more and some bins so you can ponder what to do with it all!!!! :)

  4. It's great you have a whole room, Dena! I have a craft closet and a table area in the garage to work on. It works for me and it's better than the kitchen table or counter! Maybe you could get a corner piece and put it in the corner between the window and the bookshelves.

  5. That's a great worktable and a lot of crafting supplies !

  6. I see several zebra print things that have my name written all over them ;)

  7. oh my gosh it looks so much better! Maybe I won't get so frustrated next time i come over to play with the cricut :)

  8. It looks very nice; a very pretty room :)

  9. it looks great to me...I have my craft stuff all over, upstairs and down. I can't seem to be creative without causing a disaster area in the process.