Monday, April 19, 2010

Totally Tute-ular Tuesday!

I've decided to bring some order to my blog
with a few "regular" weekly posts.
Tuesdays' posts will be Totally Tute-ular!

I made this door hanger for an expectant mother.

This tutorial will be short and sweet!
I used the fake photo insert in the frame as the
template to cut the background page from
scrapbook paper.

I cut the letters and shapes 
using a cricut.
You can easily find letters,
stickers, etc for this at craft stores.

I used a hot glue gun to attach a ribbon
hanger to the back and a few extra streamers.

And a jewelry ring to add a little extra "charm". sleeping.


  1. That is so cute! And it looks fairly quick to put together. This is a neat gift to give.


  2. so so so so sweet, love it! jenn

  3. That is really cute and sooo easy! I just posted my first project with my Cricut. I am looking forward to doing all kinds of things with it!

  4. How pretty, Dena! What a great shower gift, too. What size frame do you recommend if it will hang on the door knob?

  5. So cute. I agree with Kathy above -- what a great shower gift!

  6. Hopw adorable! You are very creative. Thanks for the tutorial...Christine

  7. This is sooooo CUTE...thanks for sharing it with all of us at NTT!


  8. I love it! I have a link party on saturdays it is

  9. That's adorable...and so easy! Thanks for the great idea,Kim

  10. What a cute idea! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  11. I'm putting this up on my blog!! I love it. It would be so nice to hang on the front door while youre having a dinner party or girls night, etc. Esp. if you added "Come on in, Prince Sleeping" SO CUTE!