Monday, April 26, 2010

Totally Tute-ular Tuesday! Freecycle Pillows

Yippeee! My second Totally Tute-ular Tuesday!

As some of you know I've been doing a
spring redesign on my deck. 
Yesterday I posted my new outdoor
coffee table with "unusual" legs!
I failed to mention the complete shock
registered by hubby that it actually worked!
LOL! Score for female ingenuity Ladies!

Today's deck sprucing post is a
freecycle tutorial on pillows.
I'm going to tell you right off, the pillows, as-of-yet,
are not hand-stitched closed at the bottom!

I took three pillows that I was no longer using
and a soft shade curtain that I never used 
to do this project.

I started with the soft shade.

I cut it in half lengthwise and removed the fabric ties.
I plan to use half of the curtain for a table runner later.
I then had enough fabric to cut 3 squares
the size of the pillows.

I  put two of the squares face to face and
stitched 3 sides closed.
Turned inside-out, ironed and stuffed.

Easy, peasy, done...except for the hand-stitching.

For the next pillow I used the third toile square
and an identical sized square of burlap that
I had left from another project. I had a small
swatch of toile left too and decided to sew it to
the front of the burlap

and fray the edges.

I put the front and back face to face and sewed
three sides together, repeat above.

For the third pillow I used two more squares
of burlap and a dish towel I had.


I stitched the dish towel to the front of a burlap
square, put the two pieces of burlap face to face
and stitched 3 sides. You know the rest!

They will look so much better when the
bottoms are stitched...and I'm thinking
about edging the frayed square with
some black ribbon.
Total cost: zero (0) dollars!

I hope you will all visit tomorrow for
the very first
"Rave Reviews Wednesday"
at Sweet Pickles and Chocolate!


  1. Very pretty, Dena! Love it when you can repurpose something you already have and it doesn't cost anything. I'll bet you enjoyed seeing that surprised look on your hubby's face! It's nice sometimes when we can be right!

  2. You make me wish I could sew...but this old dog isn't going to learn that trick!

  3. Dena, Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I can follow these instructions! And you did it with what you had! Good for you!
    I'll be making pillow using your tutorial.
    Great post.

  4.'ve got me inspired to get back home to Cape Cod and start getting our deck ready for summer. Love the pillows...especially the color. Keeping the black and white theme allows the background of your yard to shine.
    Enjoy it all!

  5. Great makeover! I love reusing my pillows and recovering them! Black and white is my fav!

    thanks for sharing,

    stopping by from NTT

  6. Love your pillows! My favorite is the dishtowel.

  7. Those are very cute. I would have never thought of using an old shower curtain for crafts. Inspiration!

  8. These are CUTE! I love how all the patterns look great together. I need pillows for my sofa...these make me want to go and make some right now.

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  9. so pretty! full of charm! ...and a great tutorial, too!

  10. Your pillows are looking great! I love them!
    Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  11. Great job on the pillows. So creative!:-)

  12. Dena,
    Love how your beautiful pillows cost $00000! Happy to see you at NTT!