Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lady Banks

I just had such a pleasant surprise!

Some things in life bring joy to my heart.
Gardening is one of those things.
I definately don't have a green thumb,
it's somewhere between green and brown.
Patience has been my biggest enemy,
followed by the lack of plant knowledge.
But I love the act of gardening
as much as the plants themselves.

We left a much smaller house a few years ago.
We had lived there 12 years, plenty of time to aquire a fairly
extensive garden both in variety and in growth.
The back-yard was in two levels seperated by a small wall.
I talked my husband into putting a picket fence
and gate around the upper yard,
which was soon dubbed "The Secret Garden"

My current yard will never have a "secret garden"
but I've planted a few things here and there.
The plantings have been small and unassuming so far.

However today...

The Rosa Banks I planted 3 years ago 
by the gate bloomed for the first time!
I just had to share my joy!

Have a Happy Friday Ya'll!


  1. Pretty, pretty! Such a good feeling when it finally happens after waiting patiently. Too bad it's cold & rainy here. My garden's still trying to resurface.

  2. Dena, What beautiful Rosa Banks roses. Are they soft yellow or creamy white? Do they smell? I can just imagine how lovely they look in a white ironstone pitcher! Don't you love to bring flowers in from your garden and arrange them for your home? Lovely!

  3. so pretty! i miss you mommy :( hope you have a great weekend! :)

  4. How neat! They are sooo pretty! I also think it's neat you enjoy gardening so much. Thanks for sharing the pictures!


  5. They are beautiful, Dena ! I love flowers and yours are spectacular.

  6. What lovely flowers!~ This is just beautiful Dena! (I can't wait for our flowers to bloom)!..,

    I also want to warmly invite you to 'afternoon tea' for my 27th,;Tuesday Tea For Two' blog party at my 'The Plumed Pen' blog, and also to my 18th,'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee', weekly blog party at my 'Silken Purse' blog; respectively..,

    In essence, each week some of my fellow bloggers post something 'tea related' on their own blog; (the rest of the info., will be posted on Monday evening on my blog). ~ Please feel most welcome to pop by for a visit and see what it's all about my dear!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  7. I too love to garden and nothing is quite as lovely as a rose...yours are lovely! Kim