Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help me decide

Ok, it is time to go from Shabby to chic...

I'm talking about my hair today though, not the house.
I tend to let it grow out to the absolute last potential of looking remotely stylish
and run out for an emergency hair-ectomy.

That being said, I have officially
declared this hair-ectomy week!

But, I'm thinking about changing things up a bit. I've narrowed my options down to 2 possibilities and would love for all of my blog friends to help me decide.

This is the basic give or take style
I've had for about 2 years now.

And the nominees are:

Kate Gosselin's cut:
Love the front and the back looks easy to fix in the mornings.

Victoria Beckham's cut:
Love this look, hopefully I could get the back to
puff out like that!

Who am I kidding I really just want to BE Victoria Beckham!
I'll have to settle for the hairstyle though...sadness

Ok bloggers, I'm counting on you to help me break the indecision on these last 2 potential hairstyles.

Have an awesome hair day!



  1. Okay I LOVE them both!! I will let my hair grow out and then think, well, now what am I going to do with it?? My hair has NO volume or natural body at all! Yuck!!

    I think Kate's would be easier to fix! Super cute! Can't wait to see what you do!

    Your hair is a gorgeous color!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. VICTORIA... I don't care much for KATE or her hair for that matter.

  3. I don't like the little short hairs in Kate's hairstyle. That would drive me crazy after the third day. Between the two I'd go with Victoria's.

  4. I think that you need really thick hair to pull off Kate's look, that spikey hair wouldn't look good thin. But, Victoria's look is very doable. I think it would look super cute on your face too! :)

  5. My vote is...Victoria!!! I really don't like that spikey part in Kate's.


  6. Victoria's for sure...hate that fantail thing on Kate's hair.


  7. Hey, I have trouble dealing with my own hair, never mind about giving someone else advice!! You know your hair condition, and its ways!! lol

  8. Victoria ... I think it would look great! Jen has a similar cut and it looks so cute!

  9. I've been having a hair fit this week too ! I think you should go for the Posh look !

  10. I love your word hairectomy! Ok, I love giving free advice so here it is: What is the texture of your hair? It looks like fine hair to me and if it is you may not get enough height for the body of either of those in the pictures. Also, I have never been a fan of the asymmetrical hairstyles because it seems like the side that has the length is always falling into your eyes and always having to be pushed back. You have a cute face and shouldn't be hiding it:) There you go, free advice! Good luck with your decision and post the results when you decide.

  11. Oh, I love Victoria's hair! Just love it! I vote for that one!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Dena - I think you are adorable! I love Victoria Beckhams cut. That is so stylish! My best friend has that cut and it looks SO cute. I think you should do it. I wish I were braver - I would get that cut too!

    Good luck!


  13. Ha, Dena! I've been eyeing Kate Gosselin's cut myself. I think that short, spikey part on top would make it easy to keep the "look" whereas Victoria Beckham's looks like it would have to be blown out in the back which equals trouble. Will you let us know what you do?

  14. My niece has her hair cut like Victorias and I love it!
    Super easy to take care of.

    Can't wait to see what you decide...
    {getting any highlites?}


  15. Victoria hands down. Kate just has too many connotations of crazy. And it's a backwards mullet. Enough said.;)

  16. Hi Dena, I spotted the name of your blog while commenting on Cheryl's sewing blog Couldn't resist looking you up with a name like that - I love pickles and your name reminded me of my liking for salt and sweet (crisps and chocolate together!).
    Have fun with your trim. I had short hair once and tried a VB spiky style back in the day. Totally didn't work as I have a wave in my hair and hers is funkily straight. Not some of my better hair days that's for sure!