Monday, November 16, 2009

Met Monday : Farmhouse Sink

Thank you Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting Met Monday today!
I'm sharing another part of our kitchen remodel:
The farmhouse sink.
We bought the sink from IKEA for $300. We drove to Charlotte to get it and also bought solid oak countertops while we were there.

Before: The pennisula had just been removed from the left side of the old sink and old countertop area.

Old and tired!

The new sink. We had to modify the existing cabinet. We cut off the top portion of the cabinet where the false drawer fronts were so the sink could be recessed. We built supports inside the cabinet to support the sink weight, which if I remember correctly was 100 lbs on it's own, add a couple gallons of water and you'll need some extra support!

Side view. We put the new dishwasher was on the right side of the sink before beside the stove and I wanted to seperate the two appliances.

The new dishwasher and oak countertops where the penninsula used to be.

I love the width and depth of this sink.
It has been awesome!

And I shouldn't tell,
but I spent as much on the faucet as I did on the sink,
cherry on top-LOL!

Primping the sink for it's close-up!

Life is good!

Thank you for visiting me in my new and improved kitchen-come again soon!
I'm off to be inspired by all of the Met Monday posts today!
Happy Monday~


  1. Your sink is just gorgeous. I love that gorgeous faucet too. You did such a great job with the countertops and everything. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. I totally want a farm house sink, lucky lucky girl! I love the goose neck faucet.. and the cherry on top ha! Your darling chuncky shelf you put up with the dishes and then the lamp all of it... LURRRV IT!

  3. I love, love, love your sink... and that faucet. Oooooh-la-la!! Fancy. You will enjoy that so much.
    I am in the midst of a redo on my kitchen too. As I type men are putting in the back splash. I was so nervous about it to the point of losing sleep but I am pleased with it. (Phew!) I have a few pictures on my blog... more to follow.
    Enjoy that new kitchen. I heart your mixer!
    Ladybug Creek
    P.S. You know that we are going to be expected to produce more creations out of this room don't you?? ;-) lol

  4. Great sink, I really like that! ! The faucet is great too, love it all.

    Thank you for visiting me, hope you come back often.

  5. Love the new sink! And the faucet--is it a Hanover? If so, I have the same one (only with dual handles). Good choice. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back anytime!

  6. Wow! Love that sink! I wouldn't even mind cleaning it.

  7. Oh, I love that! Is it an antique sink or did you find this new? Either way, it's great. And that faucet is neat, too. I think a good faucet is a like a piece of jewelry for your kitchen. Makes me want a new one now! :-)


    Sheila :-)

  8. I love that sink!!! Oh to have a deep one...I am a tad envious! Hey so how long have you had those new countertops and are they real wood? Are they a kind of butcher block or what? Let me know and let me know how you like them, especially as time goes on. Oh , love the little pumpkins and the touches of red!

  9. Oooh! I love it - a farmhouse sink is on my wishlist.

  10. I would love a huge sink like that! It looks so good!

  11. What a wonderful sink! How do you like the countertop? We've talked about using wood when we replace ours, but I thought it might be too much work.

    Faucets are expensive aren't they?


  12. Aw Dena, you're gonna love that sink. We put one in our kitchen remodel too (to be posted on Met Monday soon) and like you, we paid as much for our faucet as for the sink!! But it's the "piece de resistance" in our kitchen.
    Nice job.

  13. I'm such a fan of those IKEA wood countertops and the farmhouse sink! I want one of the countertops for my kitchen island and then eventually to replace our tile countertops. Everything looks great in your kitchen!

  14. Wow! I want a sink like that one day! And whenever you get tired of that red blender, just send it my way please. LOVE IT!!!

  15. With a sink and faucet like that, I don't think I would mind doing the dishes -- really! That is absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad to have discovered you, my friend. Why don't you post this transformation on Wednesday at my Boardwalk Bragfest! We would go bonkers over it! Also, I'm following you, so I can see what other wonderful projects you're about.

  16. I love the sink and the cabinets look fantastic! What a great update! Don't you love your KitchenAid mixer? We got one when we got married and I'm not sure what I ever did without it!

  17. I am turning green with envy! I love those sinks, and yours is absolutley wonderful! Great job on the kitchen. It looks so fabulous. If my kitchen looked like that I would sleep in it! :)
    Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a line! I can't wait to take a little looksee around yours!

  18. Great sink! I LOVE all the red touches you have in your kitchen. I esp like the red rooster :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog (of course you can use the background...I LOVE the free background sites, don't you?)

  19. I love those big farm sinks. It looks fabulous.


  20. Oh, congratulations on your beautiful new sink. I've always loved these.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)