Monday, November 9, 2009

MET MONDAY-Making an Island

Oh what tangled webs my bright ideas get us in to!
The island project spanned several months of headache and misery.

This is the kitchen very shortly after we moved in. I thought to myself, this would be the perfect space for an island!

So one bright morning during my few days of Christmas vacation, I got a pry bar and started pulling out this penninsula.
For some reason, the sight of me with pry bar in hand spurred my husband into immediate action! (for future remodeling reference)

I liked it much better already just having the barrier gone!

We moved the peninsula here.

And bought this set of cabinets and drawers to back up to it.

Some decorative touches.

and granite.



And hardware

Wala! The island I envisioned!

The orginal peninsula now.

The center of family gatherings.

Oh I just love it! I don't know how I ever lived without it!
The best part is the sense of accomplishment and knowing that you lived through another project unscathed, a little bruised maybe.

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  1. Lovely kitchen, very big...I love it!

  2. That is simply fabulous. I have island envy. I want to paint my kitchen cabinets SO badly. I am loving your kitchen. Well done!!

  3. Oh My' aren't you a lucky girl! I SO WANT a fab. island with granite. Its huge, and the bead board and bar stools just make it pefecto! LOVE IT! Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment. I love what you said... "I just want to come in and sit down" that is so flattering to hear, that is exactly how I want people to feel when they come over. I will gladly follow your blog ;) come back and follow mine! have a great week.

  4. What a great idea. And I like the fact that you included electrical outlets on the side of the island. Beautiful job. Kudos from another "do it your selfer"
    Thanks also for you nice comment on my blog.
    Take care,

  5. Great idea!!! Love the island! And good for you for just diving in with both feet!! I can just imagine how fast your hubby jumped in, I've seen the same reaction here! LOL

  6. Oh your island is just fabulous. What a great vision you had and all the extra storage to boot. I love the granite too. It looks like mine. You gave the island such gorgeous detail, what a pretty look. Thanks also for stopping by and leaving a kind comment on my MM post. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing some of the pics of everyone's cloches during the "Fall Cloche Party". I hope you will join us for the "Holiday Cloche Party". You can use cloches, apothecary jars, cake savers, birdhouses, or anything that you decorate inside. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  7. That turned out great! You were brave to go right at it with a pry bar. I have that same piece {peninsula, "L" shape} in my kitchen, except we put ours in that way after we moved in and redid the kitchen. Width-wise we don't really have enough room for an island so this gave us a little more cabinet and counter space.

  8. Wow-I'm so impressed. I can't believe the torn off peninsula turned into such a great space. It really beautiful! Good job! Sue

  9. great idea!! But the greatest idea by far that you have given me get out a crowbar when my hubby can see me and He just might jump into action!! HA!!

  10. I just love the island, it does look so much more updated to me, love the way it is square now and stands along, I bet you can use it so much more, love it love it

  11. Dena, you did a super job! I love it, too. Can't believe you did this yourselves! I'm MUCHO impressed!


    Sheila :-)

  12. This is awesome! It looks totally custom! Great vision!! Great job!

    Just found your blog and I am a follower!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  13. Hello Dena, your island is awesome. I loved watching the transformation. Your photos are telling the story so well. It turned out gorgeous. Your kitchen looks gorgeous. I especially like the color you painted the island. It could be in a decorator magazine. I'm not kidding. Congratulations on a job well done.


  14. Great island! I'm sure it was long and involved, but it sure looks like it was worth the trouble!

  15. This looks like a million bucks...imagine what you saved! LOVE IT !!!!

  16. It looks amazing ! I love the color and the granite, I bet you are so happy with it !
    We are practically neighbors btw......

  17. Dena, thanks for stopping in my blog. Wow great job! This turned out so well and I like how you used things you took from another spot.
    going to have to reference this for if I ever do an island!!
    Have a great week!
    Linda Q

  18. Great job Dena! Looks wonderful and a sweet place to gather!


  19. The sight of me with a crowbar in the kitchen would be enough to spring my husband into action also!! It looks fabulous. I have always wanted an island! What did you do about the floor underneath?

  20. What a difference that made, wow! You've created a major amount of work and storage space and it looks awesome!

  21. Well, I have to say that island is gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by today. It's fun to find another NC blogger associated with pickles!!

  22. Your ISLAND looks outstanding!!! What a awesome idea you had here...thanks soooo much for sharing!


  23. Wow what a great job!! I so want an island but with the size of our kitchen it will have to be the size of a postage stamp!

  24. Hi,

    What a great job! My house currently has an island that has white tile and grout (IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean!!) and it is two levels. For some time now I have wanted to remove the tile, whack off the section that's taller, and install granite or quartz. In other words, I want your island exactly!! Thanks for your post!!

  25. What a fabulous project! I am fortunate to have an island in my kitchen and I too find it the center of our household. I can't imagine my life with out it! Thanks for joining my blog.

  26. How wonderful! It looks so great. You had such a great vision and it worked out perfectly!

  27. What green paint color did you use for the walls in your kitchen? Love the island!!

  28. What a truly ingenious way of making an island. It looks fabulous. I love this.