Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What A Beautiful Day!

Guest Blogger?!?!

I guess you could say I'm having a guest blogger today-in photos and work effort. My guest today is my husband, Steve. He does all of the "yard" work and I handle the flower beds.

Well, Saturday while I was at a Craft Fair selling my wares and after several blustery days of leaf accumulation, I came home to this beauty!
How wonderful to come home!

Thank you hubby-for the work, the lovely yard and the wonderful photos!

Thank you soooo much to my guest blogger today! I hope you'll come again soon...I'm a big fan of your work!

Have an Awesome Day Ya'll!


  1. Haha, cute post! What a nice Uncle I have :).... ask him to come to my house and make our yard look that pretty? ;)

  2. What a beautiful property and house you have! Did you have pictures in your archives of the outside? I'd love to see your beds and all in the front. My hubby did leaves a couple of weeks ago, we seem to get everybody's on our property, but it already needs to be done again.

  3. What a beautiful setting. Your yard is magnificent! And, of course you must know that your husband deserves the very best for his effort to make it so beautiful. I hope you rewarded him royally:)

  4. what a wonderful big yard you have, it is hard to have that much space in ca. love the big trees and the wonderful colors...love the pictures...

  5. Wow...you have a beautiful yard & a great husband, apparently! :)

  6. The pictures are beautiful and your yard looks amazing. I think I'd keep him:)


  7. It looks great ! It was such a gorgeous weekend to be outside in NC.

  8. Wow! what a gorgeous yard! Those trees are amazing! It looks so peaceful there!

  9. LOL! I love your homage to the guest blogger. Do you think he will come host at my blog next??? ;-)

    Your yard is gorgeous, and he (and you) deserve kudos!


    Sheila :-)

  10. Does Mr. SweetPicklesandChocolate travel?? From the other comments, it looks like I will have to take a number! ;-D

    Beautiful work. I'd love coming home to see that yard, as well!

    Thanks for visiting All That Splatters!!

  11. Your yard is beautiful! Very beautiful :)


  12. Hi Great Guest Blogger Steve and Dena,
    Wow, looks so pretty and cleaned up at your place. We are getting to much wind and rain here in the Northwest for it to look pretty anymore!!! It was sunny this morning and now storming again, hail, raining sideways, wind. It is a mess, I hide inside!!
    Great job Steve, on the yard and blogging!
    Dena is a lucky girl to have a great gardener like you!! Plus she probably thinks you are a wee bit cute too!!lol
    Linda Q

  13. Please pass along my congratulations to your guest blogger! I love your yard - it is so pretty and beautifully landscaped!

  14. I would love to pull up my chair in your yard and read for an hour or two, beautiful!

  15. Mr SP&C is definitely a keeper! Does yard work *and* takes fantastic photos too? Be still my heart! ;D

  16. What a sweet hubby....and your yard is just beautiful...

    Warm blessings,