Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is for my Mother-in-law

I'm thankful for my family! I'm especially thankful for all of the various and assorted Pickle's (the ones by marriage) they have all stepped up to take the place of the broken family I came from.
My Mother-in-law, Linda wants to know why there are no family goings-on and photos on my blog.
Well Linda this is for you!

Jack says hello Miss Molly!

Steve's baby

My babies

All together now




And...another Birthday!
(we could'a skipped this one)

Ah, the infamous peep cake! Cooking and baking are not my specialty - notice the proudness as the peeps are trying desperately to hang on to the curved edge!

Boston is number ONE!
(Oh the things we'll do for our hubbies)

Trip to Atlanta

Coke anyone?

Maryland style Crabs in NC!
Oh be still my beating heart!
(actually that's the rest of the family's hearts beating-I'm not a big fan) But we are from Maryland and Crabs are the deal!

More crabs-in Maryland this time!

The Mr's Pickle.
Happy Birthday PaPa!

And back to home sweet home...

and more remodeling...doesn't he look happy? I promise, I'm taking good care of him...idk why he looks like that!

Love you MaMa and PaPa!


  1. Haha, love this post...we miss you guys! :)

  2. My mom is just the opposite, she keeps checking to make certain I'm not posting pictures and personal stuff "out there" on the blog. Your family is beautiful and so is the pup! The crabs look to die for!