Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Remnants 2009

After our Anniversary dinner, hubby and I took a stroll in downtown Raleigh.

 Here are the photos we took of some historic homes.

The Governor's mansion.

And a city street as we wiz through it.

We were so frozen that night and so stuffed with steak, salad and shrimp that we didn't spend much time taking photos. We managed to snap a few good shots between shivering and teeth chattering.

The next day, Dec 24th, I made 2 batches of cookies and by the end of the day we had 2 more plates of cookies delivered from awesome neighborhood families!

Oh Diet Fairy, be thy friend of kindness through the
new year!

That is it! I promise, no more Christmas until November...ummm, maybe October.


  1. I'm still not done with Christmas, Dena! I love it, and mine is up through the first part of January till Epiphany. We're not through with the twelve days of Christmas yet. That starts on Christmas Day! :-)


    Sheila :-)

  2. HOW MUCH FUN did your outing look.. love driving and looking at cute, old, even historic homes, They have the most charm! I am so over holiday baked goods, my pants as I type need to be un-buttoned! ha!

  3. Beautiful photos! Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Historic Oakwood has some really pretty houses. I was born right down the street from there !

  5. Wow!! Love your blog and those great pics!! Thanks for stopping by mine.. your advice on painting my kitchen is right along the lines of what I was thinking.. I hope before our snow melts, the kitchen will be done and ready to share on my blog!! Can't wait to read more of yours!!