Friday, December 4, 2009

Tablescape Thursday on FRIDAY

It's Tablescape Thursday on Friday!
I'm sharing our Thanksgiving table from last Thursday and I was under the weather yesterday so better late than never I say.

My Terra Cotta Dining Room

Somehow in all the hubub we forgot to take pictures during the meal. Doh!!
 It was a delicious and beautiful MENU:

Baked Turkey with Garlic Butter Sauce
Baked Ham with Pineapple and Cloves
Walnut and Sausage Dressing
Baked Asparagus with Almonds
Sweet Potato Cassserole
Green Bean Casserole
Waldorf Salad
Corn Bread
Sparkling Cranberry Punch

The remains of the day!

Thank you Susan at Between Naps on The Porch!
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  1. I have a very similar color in my dining room! I call mine a coppery color. I love that coppery pumpkin!

  2. I love the leaves on the table. Everything looks beautiful. Walnut and sausage stuffing sounds amazing!


  3. LOL! I love the remains of the day. You did a good job with your tables. So nice!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Your menu sounds delicious. I would love to hear more about the walnut sausage dressing!

    Thanks for coming by my blog-

    Enjoyed visiting,


  5. Dena, hope you are feeling better, love your Thanksgiving table. Really nice turkey tureen, too!

  6. Oh, I so love the color of your dining room!! How warm and inviting. Love your leaf placemats--the table looks so nice in that room!

  7. Ps. I had to get sweet pickles today--I think the name of your blog gave me under the radar hints.

  8. I love your beautiful terra cotta dining room, that color is one of my favs. Thanks for the post. Love, Joy

  9. You have a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing.


  10. Hi Dena, love those placemats and looks like you all did the deed and had a turkey hangover! lol

  11. Wow, that menu sounds like something from a restraunt! I absolutely LOVE your house and want to pick it up and replace mine with it:) Maybe when these kids are grown mine will look as beautiful as yours without scuff marks and dents on the walls and paint:) hope to see you soon.

  12. Wow, I used to have a kitchen that fact two I love the color!
    You have done a wonderful job of making a house a home

  13. The table is beautiful! I love the leaf placemats. They are great.

  14. What a great menu! I found those same placemats this year and got two sets -- aren't they neat? I forgot to take pictures of our Thanksgiving feast too -- sigh-- I guess when you're the hostess you just can't think of everything! Next year I'll delegate the photography.

  15. Beautiful table! What a yummy menu. I bet it was just wonderful. I hope you are feeling better!


  16. What a fun festive table setting. I really love all the vibrant fall colors you incorporated. That menu sounds so yummy, I want to try a Thanksgiving meal again, lol.

  17. Maravilloso, que mesa más preciosa un millon de felicitados para ti, con cariño Chany